Dr. Joe Donovan
Director, Hydrogeology Research Center

G24 NRCCE Bldg.
Evansdale Campus
West Virginia University
(304)293-2867 x 5463
with wife Ann at Waipio Valley, Big Island
Underground mine hydrogeology
    coal mines form the most transmissive aquifers besides conduit karst in the eastern US, of complex form and mysterious behavior
Holocene paleolimnology of the Northern Great Plains
    lakes of the NGP and their sediments carry one of the most detailed climate and hydrological records in the world
Hydrogeology of fractured Silurian karst in the Ridge and Valley Province
    montane karst of the folded Paleozoic strata of the Appalachians have excellent groundwater but offer great puzzles
Surface-mine spoil aquifers and their remediation
    coal-mine spoil and their discharges is one of the most serious environmental problems associated with legacy mining

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