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Mine Hydrology Studies:

  • WV 173: Monogalia basin mine pool project
    The objectives include mapping underground mine pools, monitoring mine water levels, water chemistry, and rates of water rise and differences between shallow cover near outcrops versus central basin. Stream water quality changes since the mid 1960's were evaluated. In addition, an attempt was made to evaluate the rate data to develop an improved macroscopic rate expression for the abiotic dissolution of pyrite and to develop the framework for a geochemical model that includes rate-limited and equilibrium reactions for water chemistry evolution in a water-pyrite system.

  • WRI 50: Mine water for power plant cooling
    The objectives of this work are to identify cost saving alternatives to the current coal fired power plant cooling process. Non-traditional water sources such as coal mine discharges have the potential to reduce the capital cost of acquiring the cooling water while at the same time improving the efficiency of the cooling process due to the constant water temperatures associated with deep mine discharges. In addition, the potential use of the underground mines themselves as a wide area heat sink will be evaluated for its feasibility.